“Sturdy Answers.  Better Souls.” This was our first Soulation motto. We follow the tradition of Jesus when he said, “The truth shall make you free.”

We have a lot of “truth” talk in western culture today.  And a lot of “freedom” talk. But those two concepts are often left out of the same room.  Here, at SturdyAnswers, they come together as friends.

We value integration at Soulation: individual and community; age and ethnicity; traditional and progressive. We also value the integration of disciplines, something the University used to stand for.

SturdyAnswers is an integrative apologetic resource, a place where philosophers, theologians, psychologists, imaginaries, sociologists, gender experts, leaders and followers can all co-mingle in meaningful discussion. This is a new kind of Christian apologetics for the 21st century.

Every regular writer here has a graduate degree (or equivalent). You won’t near willy nilly armchair ideas here. Every word is weighed, valued, and tested.  As our team of voices grows, we hope you’ll join the conversation to spread more light and less heat.

The key is a way to remember we are always helping one another unlock doors and questions.  The logo of a door with its lock at MyFaithHurdle is your place to offer your own questions to our team, so they can help you open a few doors that have been closed in your life.

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Let this blog and these writers help you test the floorboards of your faith, to help you stand confidently for your faith in the public square. Learn and grow so you can offer keys to others, so they may give Jesus a closer look.