Where is SturdyAnswers Going? [VIDEO from Jonalyn]+

We are preparing for big developments this year. To make room for Soulation’s expanding work, we’ve combined the voices you recognize from SturdyAnswers and BreakfastReading into...

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Soulation’s Greatest Hits+

“Sturdy Answers. Better Souls.” This was our first Soulation motto. We follow the tradition of Jesus when he said, “The...

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A Good Cry+

The speaker’s story was heart-wrenching. I could feel the tears welling up inside me as she spoke. I listened as she...

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Nature, God, and Anxiety, Part 3: Waiting+

We’ve been waiting a long time for God to show up again. It’s been 2,000 years. It gives me anxiety....

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How to Lose Well+

While I was getting my Ph.D., I worked as an adjunct professor at a Christian college, averaging over 60 working...

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