Dale Fincher attended Pensacola Christian College from 1992-1999. This is his story, with insights from a few friends, of navigating the minefield of spiritual abuse as a student, student leader, and on faculty as a graduate assistant.

Describing Pensacola Christian College in the 90s

Facing the Pensacola Christian College Hypocritical Mindset

Why did you stay at Pensacola Christian College?

What motivated the rules at Pensacola Christian College?

Did Pensacola Christian College brainwash students?

Shaming culture at Pensacola Christian College

How do PCC-style Fundamentalists police themselves?

A letter: how PCC-style fundamentalism hurts marriage

What is the difference between legalism and spiritual abuse?

When holiness and love were enemies

Confessions of a PCC poster child

Did God value women at PCC?

A turning point to leadership at PCC

Jelly Beans and PCC’s Big Blunder

The rise of the unauthorized PCC newsletter

PCC, the Student Voice, and Freedom of Conscience

Blackballed application for PCC grad school

Big Red Flag

Facing a new darkness


Kicked Out

The Puzzle is Complete