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Dale Fincher


Mark Driscoll and Christian Rape Culture+

If you are not familiar with Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church in Seattle, you should know that many have...

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A FreedomBuilders invitation for you and new video from me!+

Last week I shared with you why it is hard to transition to freedom when we’re flying solo, with wings...

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Why is freedom so hard to find?+

A canary, caged its whole life, sings the wonders of an unseen home in some imagined forest. Propped up near the...

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How John Piper’s theology allows domestic violence+

All evil begins with a lie.  Theological lies are just like any other kind of lie: they permit a wide...

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Go to FreedomBuilders!+

Happy American Independence Day!! I’m especially excited about this day. Read on for a special announcement.   You’ve seen God’s...

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Why we shun the boobs: the modesty debate revisited+

It’s summertime again and the predictable shaming blog posts are popping up over that impossible to please word, “modesty.” Since my post at Convergent...

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Should we listen to a felon? Thoughts for Leadership Journal and the rest of us+

Last week, the evangelical world erupted when Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal published an article by a felon. Astute readers blew the whistle online, even...

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Six rules for talking to Spiritual Abuse survivors+

Since coming out as a victim of spiritual abuse, I was surprised to discover many fellow Christians resourcefully denying any possibility of pain, dodging...

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We Are Spiritual Abuse Survivors+

If you are seeking healing from Spiritual Abuse, this article is for you. Keep it close for encouragement and return...

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Unpacking the Web of the Sovereign Grace Ministries Scandal+

After leaving Pensacola Christian College, I set out on my own journey of healing and vocation.  Friends of mine were...

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