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Dale Fincher

Why we shun the boobs: the modesty debate revisited+

It’s summertime again and the predictable shaming blog posts are popping up over that impossible to please word, “modesty.” Since my post at Convergent...

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Should we listen to a felon? Thoughts for Leadership Journal and the rest of us+

Last week, the evangelical world erupted when Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal published an article by a felon. Astute readers blew the whistle online, even...

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Six rules for talking to Spiritual Abuse survivors+

Since coming out as a victim of spiritual abuse, I was surprised to discover many fellow Christians resourcefully denying any possibility of pain, dodging...

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We Are Spiritual Abuse Survivors+

If you are seeking healing from Spiritual Abuse, this article is for you. Keep it close for encouragement and return...

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Unpacking the Web of the Sovereign Grace Ministries Scandal+

After leaving Pensacola Christian College, I set out on my own journey of healing and vocation.  Friends of mine were...

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Why did you stay in spiritual abuse?+

People remain in spiritual abuse because… They see it as “normal.” They call this “freedom” and “abundant life” in the literature and...

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PCC Commencement and the Hunger Games Salute+

You understand the The Hunger Games if you understand authoritarian, spiritually abusive systems. Panem, the Capitol, normalizes odd behavior, extravagances, and...

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Alumni disagree with Pensacola Christian College+

A three-day online survey last week, ending on April 26, asked for alumni, current faculty, and students, of Pensacola Christian...

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A Call for Stories+

Our lives are full of pages and we write our story on every one… but do we pause and scribble...

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Finding Spiritual Healing in Frozen’s “Let It Go”+

Are you tired of the polarizing hoopla over  “Let It Go” in Disney’s movie, Frozen?  Let’s put this song in...

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