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Dale Fincher

Big Red Flag+

As we wait for the PCC staff member, Tim, to reply Friday’s post, I will be posting up an open...

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A conversation with a PCC staff member+

___________________________________________________________________ Tim is currently on staff at Pensacola Christian College and considers himself a defender of the school’s theology, outlook,...

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Blackballed application for PCC grad school+

The PCC Videos continue… this video advances my story and experience at Pensacola Christian College. None of the videos should...

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Six good reasons people are leaving church+

If you want to contribute to those healing from spiritual abuse, seek to understand their stories. Let’s look at the...

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PCC, the Student Voice, and Freedom of Conscience+

The Student Voice was the alternative student newsletter that began in 1995. Those on campus affiliated with it were expelled...

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The rise of the unauthorized PCC newsletter+

In the previous video, I talked about the Jellybeans and how, soon after becoming Student Body President, I was called...

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Do you respond to Spiritual Abuse stories with empathy or sympathy?+

When you hear someone’s story of spiritual abuse, what is your first response? If you’ve been watching the PCC videos,...

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Christmas reflection: good theology or open heart?+

The scribes could explain where the Messiah should be born. But they remained in Jerusalem, quite unperturbed. They did not...

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Jelly Beans and PCC’s Big Blunder+

This airbrushed license plate includes all the Student Body officers and our sponsor in 1995-1996. We were never to use...

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a turning point to leadership at PCC+

After I felt called to return to PCC as a “missionary,” life turned in directions I could not imagine. Not...

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