Disclaimer: FreeAtLast is written from within a religious perspective involving religious matters of spiritual and biblical misuse. I am not offering a scientific or clinical analysis of spiritual abuse nor where it applies.

FreeAtLast is a blog by Dale Fincher exposing spiritual abuse to aid in the larger effort within the Church underground of awareness and advocacy.  Eventually, the aim (to me) of this larger un-organized group is to raise the spiritual sensitivity and emotional health of the church so it may be equipped to sniff out spiritual abuse where it is planted.

The Apostle Paul said hypocrisy and abuse should be snuffed out in the church before we seek to change our larger community, lest we make others twice the demons of hell as ourselves.

At FreeAtLast, I examine seeds of spiritual abuse (what allows spiritual abuse to happen), sharing my story at Pensacola Christian College, and working to end spiritual abuse through advocacy and relationships.

I believe spiritual abuse is an epidemic in the church today. It is subtle, uses biblical language, and creates exceptional atheists.

Thank you for visiting. Please join our conversation and the cloud of witnesses who seek the good life in Jesus and want the same for their family and friends.

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