Sabbath Sermon: Why does the blind man see?+

Why does the blind man see? Dale Fincher walks through the story of John 9 (a couple British accents show...

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Sabbath Sermon: Highlights from the Living Room Conference+

Dale Fincher stops by for a few minutes during the Soulation Living Room Conference to share some highlights and a...

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Sabbath Sermon: Remembering Rich Mullins+

Remembering #RichMullins after 20 years. Join Dale Fincher as he spends a few minutes sharing his appreciation for Rich....

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Sabbath Sermon: Does God listen to us more if we use the Prayer of Jabez?+

Dale Fincher explains this popular prayer and thinks there may be a better way.  

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Faith Hurdle Friday: August 25, 2017+

Dale and Jonalyn Fincher answered your faith hurdle questions in the last Sabbath Sermon of the month. How do I...

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