Faith Hurdle Friday: November 2017+

Dale Fincher answers your faith hurdle questions in a live Sabbath Sermon:  

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Sabbath Sermon: The Pretty Penalty+

Jonalyn revisits her RubySlippers’ blog post “Modesty: Covering Up is Not the Answer” and talks about Biblical ideas of beauty,...

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Sabbath Sermon: Go to Church?!+

Dale Fincher reexamines the only verse in the Bible about church attendance to see what it means.

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Sabbath Sermon: A Year of Community+

Have you ever considered deleting your Facebook account? Jonalyn Fincher talks about what community is and is not in this...

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Sabbath Sermon: Redeeming Halloween+

Jonalyn Fincher sets the history straight on why this holiday is slandered, ignored and adored. She also shares ways Halloween...

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